MRC: one small step for man, one giant leap for gamers

Moon Racing Challenge

Creating a dynamic learning system that integrates disciplines in a virtual reality fantasy, ‘MRC’ is an exciting experience that engages the player as the Lunar Racer. Immersion racing on the moon is the introduction to being on the moon.

Sports in space; you might call it NASCAR meets NASA for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

The world of Moon Racing Challenge is the moon, at the highest available resolution available to us (Clementine data) coupled with synthesized and hand created detail maps in areas of interest (Apollo Landing sites, and the poles of the moon). The game utilizes Virtue Art’s proprietary physics and 3-D rendering engine, RADE. Effects such as lunar dust and the bright surface of the moon have been reproduced to a high level of fidelity.

The RADE dynamics engine allows us to also accurately simulate rigid bodies on the surface of the moon. In addition to simulating the bodies, this game also requires the management of the bodies against the surface of the moon. It is one thing to render out a planet, it is another to manage the collision detection, and physical interaction with pieces of it (rocks, debris, etc…).

The RADE networking engine allows us to tie all of this together and allow multiple users to play against each other.

Even the game play has some unique challenges. In order to keep vehicles moving at a high velocity stable, a Reaction Control System (RCS) is used in the lunar racing vehicle to allow users to maintain control in one-sixth gravity on the dusty surface of the moon.